Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Reason

I finally figured out why I have been avoiding this whole
web/blog thingie. I was sight blogging & noticed everyone had the most darling children, was young(er), had the most
beautiful gardens, could knit, sew, bake, paint, use tools that had motors, AND capture a photo of a butterfly sitting on a dewy petal or their kitten's nose. Oh ya, they also just received a surprise package brimming w/ goodies from a friend, similar to the other surprise packages from previous weeks. This was artistically displayed next to a homemade pie fresh from the oven. Nowhere did I read anything like a usual day in my life. Yesterday for instance, I was painting a simple, bathroom door. Took me almost a gallon of paint and two hours to get that
puppy done. I got paint on my shirt, so I decided to strip down to my underwear. That didn't work either. I totally ruined a
good pair of undies when I stepped in the paint tray (twice) &
slipped while hopping around looking for a place to put my
paint laden foot down. Plus, my bra now has 2 white bullseyes.
I finally ended up painting in the nude & realized the term 'painted ladies' has nothing to do w/ houses. For dinner, I
couldn't find any veggies or herbs freshly picked from the garden and the vase on the table was empty. And forget about
homemade pies, cookies or cakes. We had our usual fare for dinner....we scrounged. For the kitty, the closes thing I could come up w/ was another dead field mouse. And that's the truth!

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