Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Why

I really don't have the bloggiest idea why me, of all people,
would start a blog....except one. In 22 days, my 17 yr old, twin
boys will be leaving for (separate) college. My home will now
contain me, my husband and the dog. I looked at my DH &
realized it would be just the two of us. When I mentioned this
to him, I said, "Ewww'. He is still trying to figure out what the
'ewww' was about. A while back, I was reading a card at work
that said, 'Life begins when the kids leave home and the dog
dies'. I, of course, did the whole crying, drippy snot thing
while my co-workers did the laugh followed by the hiccups
thing. Hopefully this blogging journey will help fill a bit of
my empty nest.


Anonymous said...

your post resonates: I have a son, my only child, who's leaving for college in less than a month. I work, love my husband, and actually could use more free time, but what a hole in my life there will be.

Great shoes BTW.

Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

Oh Barbara, I am sur eyou heart is aching with bittersweetness knowing your babies are leaving the nest. My husband and I were just talking about how it will only be 2 years more and our son will graduate. Where does the time go?!? It seems like just yesterday he was a small, sweet baby who made us laugh. Now he's a strapping young man, making his way little by little out into the adult world. *sigh*

Deb L said...

Not to worry!! My boys (older than your's) left... came back... left...came back... with friends. We now have an electronic revolving front door. You just never know who you're going to run into in the middle of the night when you try to slip into the bathroom with just your undies on!
Welcome to blogland. You'll do great!