Thursday, July 26, 2007

How To Title A Blog

Setting up a blog is hard enough when you're clueless. But
the hardest part is being Forced to come up with the required
title. My 1st instinct was to call it, 'It's All About Me and
Occasionally About You' (so not to appear so self centered). I
figured that title was already taken, so I had to come up with something that was a part of 'It's All About Me'. So I started to
play that word association game. You know the one....someone says 'ice cream', you say 'calories'. Then you proceed from there
.....'young/menopause', 'firm/saggy boobs', 'face/moustache', 'wings/underarms' and so on. My DH, who was throwing words
to me (while reading the newspaper) eventually said 'red' and I said 'shoes'. I was born with red shoes & didn't take them off until fishnet stockings came into vogue. The stockings were a one day event. Nothing on the package indicated that when
you sat, those fishnets made your fat pop out of the holes.

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