Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Martha & Me

I admit it, I love Martha. Doesn't bother me a tad that she went to prison. Feminists everywhere should have applauded her. White collar crime is just brimming with men. It's about time women stepped up to the plate & told those boys to move on over coz their playground is going coed. With that said, it's time to talk about Martha & Me. It's amazing how our taste's are soooo alike. We love Martha colors & Martha sheets & towels & duvet covers & pillows & place settings & those awesome utensils. We both love her houses & cottages & gardens & gazebos & living by the water. Jeez, we even have kept the same hair style for decades.....umm, mine is just a wadded up mess w/ a pencil or 2 sticking out, but hey! I loved Martha even before I knew there was a Martha to love. Just look at that cute as a button pic of me from ages ago. I'm wearing a paper cupcake as a hat and boy howdy, that is sooo Martha!!!

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arlene said...

I can SO see the resemblance!