Friday, April 4, 2008

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

My son, Miles, does crew. I think it's the only sport that you use the word, 'does', before the sport. My other son, Evan, plays soccer & he has friends who play football, basketball, tennis, baseball, rugby, golf, lacrosse....Of course, there is the 'is' category-is a skater, bowler, hunter, gymnast, etc. In addition to this 'does' bizness, crew has all these funky terms. It's not a boat but a shell or scull, but the scull can also be an oar. Where you sit even has it's own name. Miles is usually in the 'stroke' seat, but has also been a coxswain. If it were me, I'd just say, 'everyone in the boat, just sit where you're the most comfortable & don't worry, I won't call you anything that sounds remotely X rated'. Once Miles told me that the coach said he was a 'lightweight'. I got all indignant, & told him that he wasn't any lightweight, & the coach was an ass for calling him that. Turned out lightweight was another one of those funky crew terms. Who knew? Anyway, Miles is the one in the pic who is right up front (or is that back?) in the red cap. What other color would it be?

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arlene said...

I think I could "do crew" too. Look at all those other suckers who could pick up the slack while I sight see and wave to the fans!