Thursday, March 20, 2008

You Too Can Celebate Xmas On The First Day Of Spring

Ya, I know, it's almost April & I'm just getting around to
showing some of the pressies from the 12 Days Of Xmas
exchange. Well, it's snowing outside, the fireplace is
blazing & I'm inches from slipping in a Nat King Cole
CD. You ever feel like Xmas day should be a dress
rehearsal and once you have had time to relax from
all the franticness (yes, that is a real, legitimate word),
you can say, 'hey how about celebrating Xmas next
Thursday? The Xmas tree is not too dead and it's a
3 day weekend.......' So what if it's Jan 28th or
Groundhog Day or the first day of Spring-bring
on the pressies & grap a cup of good cheer!
Hmmm.....what are the ingredients for that particular drink anyway?
Here are a few 8x10 glossies I promised you:
Trudy McLaughlin
Fiona Mortimore

Kristen Robinson

Crystal Neuauer

1 comment:

arlene said...

It's never, EVER in bad taste to celebrate Christmmas, no matter what day it is. And that Christmas swap was worth celebrating, was it not?

I happened to celebrate Christmas in May last year, on a snowy day when we should rightfully been out picnicing or sunbathing or planting a garden. But it was a lot more fun to wake up to presents and Christmas breakfast. So go for it!