Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tales from a Blogger Neglecter

Jeez, I just spent hours :o) writing what I have been doing over the Winter months while I've been a 'Blogger Neglecter', just to have it disappear in a wink of an eye.  Hell, it was a lot faster than that even.

So where was I?  What did I even say (OK, write)?   Oh yes, I waxed poetic over trying to learn the art of digital collage.  What did I learn?  How to increase one's swearing vocabulary in 5 seconds or less.  I think I'm on Session 27-swear words that start with the letter 'V'.
I told all about the two swaps I was invited to by the enormously talented, Lelainia Lloyd of The Tattered Edge fame- The 12 days of Xmas and The Valentine Exchange. The artists in my group for the Xmas exhange read like the Who's Who in the mixed media Hall of Fame: Deb Trotter, Kristen Robinson, Pilar Pollock, Kathy Strittmater, Liz Smith, Debra Cooper, Fiona Mortimore, Arlene Travnik, Cece Grimes, Crystal Neubauer, Trudy McLauchlan & Lelainia.  I'll post the blog links so you can all get a looky loo:

I promise to post more re: these two swaps, plus for the drool factor, I'll throw in a bunch of 8x12 glossies.  I'm a bit skittish about all these words disappearing again, that I just have to hit publish post, like right now!

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