Sunday, March 16, 2008

Studio Blues

Over the last couple of years, the area I call 'my studio' looks like it has been ransacked by burglars, tossed by the police, a recycling center, where Jimmy Hoffa is buried & what hell must look like to the organized. I have made several attempts to get it all neat & tidy but I couldn't figure a way to get a snowplow upstairs. The sensible thing would be to throw everything away, but I just knew that in layer 9 or 17 or 61, there was bound to be a 1/4" tag with the word 'fairy' printed on it in the most lovely font and boy would I be pissed if I needed that tag in the next decade or so AND I had thrown it out. I finally came up with the perfect solution-take all the stuff out of the room, organize it bag by bag, put it in storage containers AND (this is what I am most proud of) label them. So the 1st thing I did was buy myself a dozen or so 'Organize Your Studio/Craft Room' books. Big Mistake! Forget about how neat & tidy everything was-I wanted the converted barn with floor to ceiling windows facing the meadow, ocean, mountains, streams, english gardens, white sandy beaches, rambling stone fences.... Don't get me started with the interiors.... the fireplaces, skylights. Who said that envy was green? Everywhere I looked, I saw rainbows. I forced myself to be mature about it and knew I could get some great ideas how 'they' turned their shoeboxes into awesome containers. Hmm, I never found anything resembling a shoebox, but then I was never any good at finding "Waldo".


arlene said...

You're so funny! I needed a good laugh and boy, can I relate to this tale.
*sigh* If life were fair we'd all have big, bright studios, tons of organized storage and never, ever have to wear sensible shoes, right? (at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

Anonymous said...

Barb, amazing transformation! What did you do with Jimmy Hoffa, anyway? With your imagination, I bet the ocean, mountains, and floor to ceiling windows ARE in your studio. Beautiful result - happy creating! Vicky