Saturday, August 11, 2007

Boys vs Girls vs Goggle

Shopping with boys isn't any
fun. I was really looking forward to
shopping for their college trousseau's. Having only sons, I never got to buy all
those GIRLIE things. The cute outfits, Mary Jane's, socks with
ruffles & hats w/big bows. Vintage frocks, makeup, jewelry, AND the biggie of all things Girlie...PROM DRESSES!!! I
hate to admit it, but boys clothes are boring. Instead of the first bra, I got to do the jock strap thingie. 'Bert's Beer, Bait & Stuff' is nothing like Victoria's Secret. Stepping over blobs of chewing
tobacco, I looked for some sales assistance. At Bert's, help came
as a head jerk in the general direction of what you wanted. After
I figured out everything was in alphabetical order, I found the jock straps next to the jerky aisle. When I asked if they came
in any color besides white, I got a,''Ya lady, they turn gray after
a week or two". My jock strap duty didn't end son's
asked how to put the darn things on. Do ya think the jock's
came with directions or a diagram? Jeez, I couldn't even tell
if there was a front & back. My DH was hiding somewhere,
so I told them to 'Google' it. After hearing shrieks of 'oh gross
& what's that', I found there are certain things that shouldn't
be 'Goggled'. Plus, there wasn't anyone in the 'Googled search'
who had the decency to even wear a jock strap! Anyway,
the college buying spree was a bust. Neither one would
model bath towels, both said 'boring' a zillion times and
told me to pick out WHATEVER. It was hard but I finally found
daisy, dust ruffles in twin XL. And I must say, the matching
comforters are to die for.

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