Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Countdown from March 30th

There are only 7 shopping days to my birthday, so I better get
busy. I've only bought myself a few things, but I have done an
awesome job so far! I love Japanese craft books. The clothing
designs have a very clean look & the fabrics are awesome. The
toy designs are so whimsical & cute as a button. I'm a below
novice sewer. Being a visual learner, I can't follow written
instructions. Even something simple as a cake mix, I have
to read the 3 steps over & over. I approach Japanese craft
books the same way men do w/ Playboy-I only look at the
pictures. And the articles, like Playboy, are in Japanese. :o)

OMG! Aren't these the cutest!!!

1 comment:

arlene said...

Man, those Japanese craft books are popping up all over! I'll have to check them out.